So, the track list is now available for the Hangry & Angry mini-album that’s out on November 19th:

1. Kill Me Kiss Me
2. Angelia
4. ロマンティックにバイオレンス


Unfortunately, it’s uncertain whether this mini-album will actually be available to buy as anything more than a digital download. The following was posted on the Hangry & Angry official myspace:


●Sales are being prepared now.
It is different from a usual marketing method.
Please do not miss information on this page.

●It doesn’t accept in any CD shop and an online shop now.

Maybe people are just jumping to conclusions, but we’ll see what happens as November 19th draws closer!


Printer Cartridge Thieves!

October 14, 2008

There is something fishy going on. I just hooked up my printer/scanner so that I could scan the photobook that came with my Wonder Girl’s Nobody mini-album, and the color cartridge is missing! There was a lot of ink left in it last time it was hooked up, so I didnt’ remove it. The only time it was not under my watchful eye was when I was in England for three weeks and it was sitting at my Mom’s house. So I’m guessing Mom ran out of ink and decided to take mine, which seems a bit rude to me. She could have asked first. I’m sure the printing emergancy wasn’t so great that she couldn’t have used the printer right across the room from her computer, but instead felt compelled to steal my ink and use her own printer.

I can’t use the scanner if the ink is not in the printer. And I really wanted to use those scans to make some HQ graphics. Bummer.

Hangry & Angry Wallpaper!

October 14, 2008

I couldn’t help myself. Even though the images were really low quality, I had to make a wallpaper with them. Haha. So, here it is in 1440 x 900 and 1024 x 768.


1024 x 768 | 1440 x 900

What so many dreamed of but thought would never be, is! An ishiyoshi unit was announced yesterday and it’s a big step away from what we normally see put out by Hello! Project. But many, including me, feel that this is what H!P has been needing for a long time to jump start it’s popularity.

The unit is “Hangry & Angry”. They’ll release a mini-album on November 19th, 2008, including the title song “Kill Me Kiss Me”.

Kill Me Kiss Me” – Hangry & Angry

Hangry & Angry is a collaboration with a Harajuku fashion store which goes by the same name. You can view their homepage here.

More info can be found at the following links:

Official MySpace site
Flash animation from UFA website
S-Inc Hangry & Angry site

This could be the best thing H!P’s put out, period. It’s got a rock edge and it’s different. H!P’s always strived to keep things fresh and new and this time they’ve really accomplished that. The Ishiyoshi duo is amazing together. They have chemistry like no other H!P duo before. I think we’re going to see this at no. 1. Easily.

Credit: Hello!Online

Lyrics (not complete):


Let me tell you honey I just wanna love you, hey!
kamisama no inai Heaven
Can you hear me now, can you see the bottom of hell? 
negai wo dare ni sasagu

Kill Me (Kill Me) Kiss Me (Kiss Me)
tsugi hagi darake no SUKAATO haite
Kill Me (Kill Me) Kiss Me (Kiss Me)
konya wa odorou
konya wa odorou

boku no daisuki na
amai PUDINGU wo
kimi ni agetai

dakedo hitotsu shikanai no
doushitara ii
hitotsu shika nakatta
dousureba ii

[Not sure about this bit, are their voices distorted?)

kanashimi kakusu you ni
kimi wo kizutsukete
obieteita no wa
boku no houdatta

Let me tell you honey I just wanna love you, hey!
kamisama no inai Heaven
Can you hear me now, can you see the bottom of hell? 
negai wo dare ni sasagu

negai wo dare ni sasagu

Kill Me (Kill Me) Kiss Me (Kiss Me)
tsugi hagi darake no SUKAATO haite
Kill Me (Kill Me) Kiss Me (Kiss Me)
konya wa odorou
konya wa odorou

Credit: TRA & Nouciel @ Hello!Online

Gakisan wallpapers, from her latest PB, Happy Girl. ^_^

1024 x 768 ~ 1440 x 900

1024 x 768 ~ 1440 x 900

1024 x 768 ~ 1440 x 900

1024 x 768 ~ 1440 x 900

1024 x 768 ~ 1440 x 900

1024 x 768 ~ 1440 x 900

Kazahana Scans

May 12, 2008

Guess what? It’s heeeere. ^_^ Kazahana has been scanned! I’m sorry it took me so long. It’s the end of the semester so I’ve been really busy with finals. Still am, but. Oh well. ^^;;

Download Kazahana (53 MB, 95 images)

A taste of what is in the zip…

Kazahana has arrived!

April 29, 2008

Kazahana came in the mail today! Scanning will begin soon… ^^;; It really took too long for it to get here. I expected it sooner than this. And now I have a big test on Wednesday so I probably won’t be able to start scanning it until that night or Thursday night. Bah! Silly

Here’s the fourth and final zip of my scans from ERI. Enjoy!

Examples of what you can get in this download:

Free Image Hosting at

And I’ve also put all of them together in one zip file, including a couple of scans that aren’t in the original zip files. But for those who were waiting for a full photobook upload, here it is! Enjoy!! ^_^

Next, Kazahana. After that? Who knows. ^^;; But only those who read my blog know I will be scanning Kazahana. Everyone else is just going to be surprised. Which amuses me.

How to use Sexy

April 20, 2008

Artist: 後藤真希 (Goto Maki)

Title How to use Sexy

Release Date: September 19th, 2007

How to Use Sexy was by far the best album put out by a Hello! Project soloist and the best album produced under the Hello! Project umbrella in a couple years. Goto Maki is an extraordinarily talented singer and dancer (as well as actress!) and this album, How to use Sexy, was an amazing end to her time with Hello! Project, though so many hearts were broken when she left. She claimed that the vision she had for her career and what Up-Front Agency expected of her career did not agree and graduated, disappearing into Japan for months until very recently.

Her blog reopened on March 25th and she has been writing in it daily ever since, telling fans about voice and dance training she has been getting in the US! She has traveled around the western US from Las Vegas to Los Angeles to Hawaii, taking it all completely in and embracing it. It seems she could be preparing for some kind of entrance back into her career as an idol but nothing is confirmed yet.

To celebrate the return of Goto Maki, here are a couple audios–How to Use Loneliness and City Wind– and a RAR of the entire album.

How to use Loneliness

City Wind

Download How to use Sexy

Here’s a zip file of the third installment of my scans from the ERI Photobook Complete Works! Three down, one to go! This time the scans come from the 17sai section of ERI.

Here are previews of what is in the zip. As always, enjoy~!! ^_^

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

Please credit me if you share this anywhere, thanks. ^^;;